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Friday, August 26, 2011

54 hours and 45 minutes is a long time...

August 26, 1995

That's how long I was in labor with my first born. Even the obstetrician said it was a doozy of a labor and delivery...but Kate finally arrived with the help of vacuum extraction at 8:14am on August 26, 1995. We noted her big feet, her cute little elf ear, and I called my mom to tell her she had a granddaughter. She fit in one arm...but now she's taller than me.

She's 16 today...old enough to get her learner's permit to start driving, old enough to be a junior in High school, old enough to be talking about college applications. How time flies....
August 26, 2011...what a difference...still has big feet, though...grin

Happy birthday, KT! You're worth every second of those hours in labor...and all the other ones since!

1 comment:

farmbeachgal said...

Happy, happy birthday, Kate. Enjoy!
And Dee, you've got me beat. My first born was only 21 hours and 50minutes. He would come out from his hiding place with neither vacuum nor forceps and was finally dragged kicking and screaming via c-section. Never could handle transitions.