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Thursday, August 11, 2011

One last summer adventure...

Craig and I have been keeping secrets from our bored and witchy children. Just when they thought there was no more fun to be had under the summer sun, just when they had despaired that the start of school was the only new event on the horizon, we've hatched a plan to leave town, running away to one of our favorite places on earth. We told the kids last night...and by tomorrow afternoon, we'll be here:

North Woodstock, NH...our mountain retreat
Can't wait to see the kids out there on the blue float, spending hours perfecting their jumps and dives into the lake. See the white spot in the far upper left of the top picture? That's a huge rock painted to look like a shark coming out of the water...Tanya swears she's going to swim all the way out to it. Kate plans to row our inflatable boat around the lake while Dad and I will probably do some kayaking. Aniyar and Max like to stay in the shallows near the beach to catch fish and crawdads.

Gotta love the bear cubs!
And that's not all we have planned! 

I scored discount tickets to Clark's Trading Post on Groupon a few months back so we'll also be visiting the bears and riding the train into Wolfman's territory, then soaking each other on the blaster boats.

I gave the kids their allowance last night so they have spending money to burn on snacks and souvenirs...life is good. For the next several days, boredom shouldn't be a problem for any of us.

Blaster boats at Clark's

I can feel my muscles relaxing as I think of the mountain air...


farmbeachgal said...

Perhaps I shouldn't show this post to Madiyar!

alphamama said...

Oh, please do! His sibs want him to know that he's not the only one who can go cool places and have fun...not that the other kids are jealous or anything...grin.

Elisa LaSota said...

Can I come....?????