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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our trip to NH....in pictures

I liked relaxing with my feet in the water...and hiking with my DH.
Dad liked grilling brats, dogs, and chicken sausage over charcoal on a beautiful summer evening.

The kids liked eating everything...

especially the smores!

On Saturday, we went to Clark's Trading Post to visit the Wolfman.

Aniyar enjoyed the shows...

he wants to try this fire twirling trick that the Chineses acrobats did...I think not...

and he liked that the bears get trained with ice cream.

Bumper boats are always fun.

Even Max had to admit that he wasn't bored any more.

The girls and Dad liked squirting Max from these water cannons!
In the end, they were all soaked but smiling.

It rained on Sunday but that didn't stop us. The kids still went swimming (no lightning and they were wet anyway, so why not?) The showers didn't stop us from grilling either; we used the covered picnic area and gas grill near the lake for a feast of  BBQ chicken, burgers, baked beans, watermelon,and more smores.

Some uninvited guests joined us for dinner
so we fed them, too.

The kids enjoyed the lake all weekend long.
The swimming was perfect and they made new friends.

Aniyar liked the fishing, too.
He caught a whopper with bread and his net.

Kate liked boating...she and I rowed out to the shark together...
but mostly, I liked sitting on the shore taking pictures of all the fun!

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